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If you have a real-estate in Split Dalmatia County and you are not sure where to find a realiable maintaince service organization, please look into Nekretnine Radman d.o.o which is offering you complete service for your real-estate location in Dalmatia County.

The future of our business realtionship will depend on bulk of customer service, and if we wish to create a place that we as an agency strive for, we have to adjust our business activity to our customer wishes.
Under our service offerings, you will find short overview of our services for real-estate managemnet which goes from your key storage, over to inspection, maintaince and adaption of your real-estate.
However, we will strive to keep our offerings within your personal desire, and also create value-added services and additional service that are not listed but you are looking for them.
Visit us, schedule a meeting and get to know our service while working with us.
We are offering following services:

Object control (Standard package)
Price: from 40€ + tax

- weekly or monthly examination of the building (examining the building for damages, vandalism, parasites, flooding...

- airing-out the building in order to prevent fungi from growing

- emptying and examination of plumbing in order to prevent any discomforting smell.

- collecting the mail and forwarding to the owner's address

Garden Services
Price: Upon agreement

- landscaping (pruning plants, cutting grass, digging...)

- cultivating landscaping (waste disposal...)

- maintaining plant watering

- planting seeds

Maintaince and Repairment services
Price: Upon agreement

- emptying septic waste

- reading electrical and water meters

- maintenance of heating (oil, gas, central, wood...)

- examination of electric light bulbs

- cleaning and maintenance of the pool

- fixing and adaptation (painting, varnishing, obtaining furniture...)

Cleaning Service
Price: 12€/hour + tax

- basic and final cleaning of the building (cleaning floors and windows, bed sheets, shades, carpets, clothes)

Administaration services
Price: Upon agreement

- bills payment

- contact regulation with insurance companies and local authorities

- mail transaltion to desirable language

- book keeping( accounting)

- procourement of lawyers, translators, regular artificies

Comfort Service
Price: upon agreement

- transport organization from local airport to any location

- activation of electrical devices( boiler, fridge,heating, air conditioning)

- shooping service - you make a wish list of ingridients that you wish to have upon arrival and we make sure you have everything ready; so you can relax and enjoy your stay at the highest level of comfort.

- private parties

Special Service
Price: Upon Agreement

- additional check up after strom or any other weather related problems.

Keys keeping withough extra service
Price: 15€/Month + tax

Visit us, schedule a meetting and get to know our service while working with us.

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